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Building community from the inside out.



Discovering the Truth

Posted on August 16, 2019 at 7:00 PM

We have ideas, rationale, standards, values, rules and we articulate them with language. But how are we with our feelings? Experiencing without judgement? Stepping into the unknown? Trusting and loving ourselves and others without evidence? Can we bring our insides, our intuition, our creativity, our faith, our love out to meet with external stimulation and stay connected to our internal guidance systems of our spirit and psyche? Is it willpower to lead a balanced and loving life, or do we have an internal guidance system that we depend upon for reinforcement when we are challenged so we naturally and more easily make the right decision?


I support the notion that I use a similar awareness of practicing harmony when I make value judgments and life decisions. I ask myself; ” Does this ring true for me? Do I resonate with this? Will this decision be a good fit for me? These questions are pointing to the fact that I am doing some sort of listening and feeling simultaneously to my own inner guidance system. Logic and rationale are of course my default means for weighing decisions. So, I say: "I think this is a good decision” is rationale based. “I feel that this is a good decision.” is just that. I am feeling the “rightness” of my decision.


When I listen to the “ring” of my truth, I experience visceral alignment with my thought. When I practice harmony, I am listening for the “ring” of my tones blending with the external. When it “rings” I know the harmony is true. I can feel and hear the truth in it.


I support my decision with the knowledge (logic) that I also checked in with how I feel (intuition). When both logic and intuition are aligned I have harmony in my heart and balance in my mind.


Try this out for yourself and check if it is useful for you. Listen to yourself in context of your imminent decision. Sit with the feeling of the decision and listen to you inner guidance. Reach for the conclusion that resonates in both realms of logic and spirit. Both are vibrational. Open up to the sensations of feeling harmonious.


Reach for the higher vibration.


In harmony



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