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Building community from the inside out.



Sensational Overtones

Posted on November 5, 2019 at 1:35 AM

When we tune-up and drop in and we share our voices without lyrics, in soft tones that enable us to turn our attention inward as we participate in a collective oneness. Our unique, individual voices bring us together in unison as overtones develop. Overtones, as a phenomena, are a function of physics. The experience of overtones, as sensations in the body, can benefit us in several ways. Each of us has a unique vocal offering when we contribute to the creation of this “Oneness”. And, each of us has a unique experience of overtones. When we can drop-in to our inner awareness we can enable this sonic awareness to instruct us, reveal truths, bring us together without judgement, enhance our ability to listen deeply to our inner voices of intuition and creativity and elevate our joy in being present in co-creation of beauty and fun.

In harmony



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